Sunday, 29 August 2010

Final Prep.

In anticipation of the looming target for 2010, I spoke in detail with my hand picked crew of Mark Pashby (Skipper) Sarah Tunnicliffe (Feeder) KGB (photos and video), sending out a number of emails to identify roles, timings, feeding plans, meeting locations etc etc. With the logistics taken care of, I decided to attempt three hours at Ellerton Lake on Wednesday 18th August.

Arriving at the lake I was disappointed to see around twenty plus divers who would be using the lake at the same time...this would not be a problem as such. I just find it a little unsettling when suddenly greeted by an under water swimmer at close range.

The plan was to swim three x one hour sets, coming into the wooden jetty to feed on maxim and jelly babies after the first and second hour. This was to be my longest swim of the year, as usual the first hour was the hardest, however after the first feeding I seemed to drift into a better mental zone and had no problems completing the planned time in the water at 64F, except for the monotony of swimming loops in a relatively small lake.

Job done..forearms a little achey, other than that no real side effects.

All set for Windermere 10 and half miles next week.

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