Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Training resumes...

Last Monday (7 Feb 2011) I finally returned to training after exactly a month away from the pool and work, it was a tentative start, the injury still being present especially noticeable whilst sneezing, coughing, lifting etc. I therefore relegated myself to the slow lane at the gym where I noticed the water was very cloudy and warm, not that the pool attendnts seemed too bothered ?

So heres what I did by way of easing back to the routine;
Monday 7th 1 x 1600m steady
Tuesday 8th 2 x 1600m steady
Wednesday 9th 3 x 1600m steady
Thursday 10th 3 x 2000m better pace
Friday/Saturday rest, work/childcare
Sunday 13th 3450m hard..week total 19,050m

Monday 14th 10 x 750m poor ventilation / chlorination stopped play, I began coughing a lot after about 5km and knew this would be bad news for my intercostal muscles so called it a day after 7500m

Tuesday 15th 60mins / 3000m of drills, weak side and hypoxic breathing which seemed to result in a migraine..I am pleased to say my chest and ribs have coped with the return to the pool and my migraine has eased enough for me to go to work in an hours time.

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bettsy180258 said...

Your blog is fantastic. Im gonna read it all over the next week and pinch some of your ideas. I will link you to my lady's blog too on F.B. (albeit, we've got a bit lazy over the last few months due to both working full time and swimming full time in our spare time - if that makes sense). So no posts since Dec. You have a lot of inspirational stuff on there and Im gonna take it all on board. Keep up the good work, your an inspiration and I wish you every success.