Thursday, 7 April 2011

Open Water Swim North East England

There seems to be more and more events and information being made available relating to swimming on the Internet, only for one to be re directed to a facebook login page, I therefore made the decision against my better judgement to reactivate my account just recently. The next logical step after last weekends OSS swim was to create a group for those local to me, for support/advice/general communication and planning. I have done so and called it Open Water Swim North East England.

Without further ado future swim meets were being scheduled, starting today at noon, that said the only other anticipated participant was delayed to the point of non attendance. Having already arrived at Ellerton Lake, I decided to take the plunge solo, a brief mental battle followed as I edged into the water, (it was way harder than Saturday being alone this time). The sun was shining, so I set myself the goal of two laps, to double the previous effort from five days ago, to my delight I was feeling good so continued for a further lap and half exiting the water after 45 minutes at 52F. A great step forward. I am looking forward to another dip this coming weekend where all being well I should top the hour.


Pash said...

you write and encapulate the truth mark, in a way which assists people like me. Thank You.

Mark said...

Thanks Pash
appreciatte that
see you soon El Capitan

jen said...

Hi Mark

I currently swim 2-3 times a week however I have never yet taken the plunge outside of my local pool. I am keen to give open water swimming a go prior to undertaking some triathlons next year.
I am thinking of trying Ellerton as a starter.
Any tips for a newbie?