Monday, 11 April 2011

Salt IS good for you

Having been blessed with unseasonal glorious sunshine for more or less the whole week, I am pleased to report more progress with this years acclimatisation, on Saturday (10 April) I had another trip to Ellerton Lake where I met some more new swimmers via the new facebook group. It came as no surprise to find the water temperature had jumped up to 55f  (about 12.5c) I swam for 60 minutes finishing the afternoon with monster portions of chocolate cake courtesy of Dominic Gillespie or rather his wife.

Sunday brought another beautiful day, so nice that we decided to drive to Seaton Carew...the plan was to just get in and feel the cold water of the North Sea on my skin, I told KGB I intended to basically breast stroke for ten minutes to asses the temperature knowing full well it would be no where near as comfortable as the fresh water of the lake. Once through the small breakers I soon found it possible to get on with some freestyle, it was a little bumpy but very invigorating, I exited the salt water after 30 minutes.. delighted with the session I drove home on a high as a result of the return to salt water.


Simon Griffiths said...

Hi Mark
I'm impressed with the 12.5 degrees (and probably colder in the sea). I swam in a lake near Reading at the weekend (first time out this year). It was 15 degrees and I thought it was horrible - and that was with a wetsuit - but I did warm up after about 20 minutes and so braved a quick sprint without the rubber. Could only manage about 50 metres though.

Flip said...

I could not make any swims this weekend as my brother was home (from the RAF )but i'm looking forward to some soon. Got to say all this is fairly new to be and there is some dam impressive stuff going on.

Mark said...

Thanks Simon
great that you are keeping an eye on the blohg and thankyou also for the mention on the H2open website

see you sunday
rubber or rubber free??