Saturday, 14 May 2011

Aiming High ?

I am pleased to say the crepitus in my right forearm is now easing off at last after two weeks and swelling appears to be under control. I had a brief test swim at the grotty Total Fitness pool yesterday (Friday 13th) it was quite strange, not only being in the the warm chlorinated water, but also actually swimming a full stroke rather than just kick. My arms felt like they belonged to someone else, you know... one of those sessions where you feel like you have almost forgotten how to swim with coordination and technique being virtually non existent. Any discomfort was mild stemming from the thumb which I attempted (with difficulty) to keep in alignment.

Just as well really considering Sunday is an arranged swim at Buttermere in the Lake District.

The plan for Sunday was always to swim laps of the 2km lake, depending on the water temperature which I anticipate to be in the region of 52f 11c. Looking back on training records from 2010, I kind of know in my own head how long I want/need to manage. Though I wasn't going to be telling anyone else regardless of who questioned me.

Now, as some of you will be aware, I am friends with Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE, she is very motivational, articulate and knowledgeable, yet, like her husband Ian, so very laid back, friendly and approachable. That said, dont get lulled into a false sense of security as she is also fiercely competitve!

Getting back to the subject of goals and training plans, specifically for this weekend, reminded me of a paragraph in one of Tannis books "Aim High" where she states the following:
"You should tell the world about your goals. This is definitely one of the things that has contributed to my success. If you have a dream and share it with others, it puts pressure on you to try and achieve. It also makes that dream more real. While dreams remain in your head, they may never progress; but vocalising them brings them alive and moves them forward. Just writing dreams down doesn't do the job. You have to vocalise. Its about making things happen"

So.. after re-visiting the book I was happy enough to tell the other swimmers attending that I needed to be doing at least 90 minutes in the frigid waters of Buttermere in order for my plans to continue developing ahead of the next stepping stone of 9 miles in Dover Harbour in only five weeks time. 

There you have it...if you have a goal..don't be shy...tell the world...

(Tanni...note how I have not defaced the above image unlike some individuals !!)

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