Saturday, 4 June 2011

As luck would have it

This vocalising business seems to be helping a little bit (Thanks Tanni) partly because it sets a target / partly because of the embarrassment which follows should the said target not be reached for anything other than a near death excuse.

Several members of the OWSNEE Facebook group had committed to attending Ellerton Lake on Thursday 2nd June, most of whom planned to arrive around 5pm, however Joe Hunter and I arrived early in attempt to rack up three for a change, the North East of England had been baked in glorious sunshine all day, resulting in perfect conditions, the water had shot up to 17C, it was glass like in appearance with the air temperature in the region of 24 degrees!!

We swam around the outer edge of the whole lake rather than the usual ten minute loops around the buoys, this made for a far less boring session, with each lap taking in the region of half and hour, we fed on the hour, the time was passing OK once we had finished the dreaded first 60 minutes..sometime after the 5pm feed we were joined by several other swimmers both in and out of rubber.

Having exited the water after 3 hours and 10 minutes, I was toying with mixed emotions, on the one hand I was delighted to have completed the time with no issues apart from a little fatigue in the shoulders, on the other hand I was feeling a bit of a fraud due to the exemplary conditions, surely anybody could have swam for three hours in that near bath like water??

It was certainly somewhat easier than the hour we had swam the day before at Seaton Carew in 11c / 52f, but I suppose that's just the luck of the draw..

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