Sunday, 28 August 2011

2 Way Windermere Ending

Full report to follow once I have received the notes from Sarah, the meantime I thought I would share this video clip as I clear the water after the 13 hours 50minutes and 21 miles, as you will see I was totally spent to say the least...forgive the swear from KGB at the end refering to my stubborness!

Best viewed on full or 75% screen rather than the tiny window...thankyou all so much for your comments and support via the blog, the Channel Swimmers Google Group and Facebook/Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Mate, just watched the video, completely awesome!!!! Atrue inspiration I'm sure you'll go on and achieve your dream and swimming to France!! Very well pleased for you
Daz M

Sally Goble said...

Brilliant. Well done. The last mile of every swim is a bastard, isn't it?! Well done Mark. Awesome job. One step closer to the big one. A really big step closer to the big one! Hope you are managing to enjoy some time off. REST YOUR SHOULDERS. Sal x

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog & watched the finishing clip...Jesus, hats off to you hell of an achievement..massively proud of my old pal!

greekswimmer said...

You look ready to go for another lap! Awesome swim, well done

Simon said...

Mark, you looked b***** awful. Amazing. Well done, and don't forget to send us a report and picture.

Darren Rowbotham said...

Awesome swim Mark, superb achievement

Binge Swimmer said...

Hi Mark

I'm thoroughly humbled (having thought I was doing well in Windermere last Saturday for about a mile and with a wettie on!) great effort

Binge Swimmer