Monday, 22 August 2011

3 days and counting

As  a result of the untimely car accident, a new shift pattern at work and the summer holidays for schools, my training took a bit of a battering, however, things are settling down nicely with the aid of physio, massage and medication...I apologise for the lack of updates but to be quite honest, there has either been nothing much to say or I lost the urge to post...

On the training front I have swam as much as the above circumstances have allowed, with a couple of six hour swims, including another one way Windermere, a six hour at Ellerton last weekend and the odd two/three hour efforts here and there. More or less double the amount of swimming I managed last year.

With just three days to go until the planned 2011 target I am feeling rather nervous, excited too, but more nervous than anything else..

The plan is to reunite the team (Capt Pash, Sarah and KGB) at The Langdale Chase Hotel and start the swim the following morning at 6am Thursday 25 August...a year to the day since my first 1 Way Windermere..

I am hoping to have a tracker on the support boat, where if you are so inclined you will be able to follow my progress as I attempt to swim the length of Englands Longest Lake in both directions, 21 miles hopefully in about 14 hours.

Everything after 7 hours will be new territory, hence the nerves and anxiety at the prospect. your support is really appreciatted and any comments are greatly received!

More news soon...I promise


Bryn said...

Go do it Mark. You know the drill better than most and with Sarah on board to remind you how much fun you are having then you'll get lots of support from the boat. I will be thinking positive thoughts for you too and look forward to hearing that you have achieved this milestone swim. Just keep swimming :)

Colm Breathnach said...

no worries to ya mate, its only an inch on the map

Pete Windridge-France said...

You will do this - there's no question of that. Your preparation has been brilliant. I'll cross my fingers for some fabulous weather!
Hope you enjoy yourself! Pete

Lisa said...

Best of luck with it Mark. Freda's advice to me for a two-way was to think of the first leg as a warm-up, you're swimming to the start and it's the second leg that's the real swim. Mentally it feels good to turn around because on the second leg you know that every stroke is taking you in the right direction.

Get your head down and keep the arms moving, nothing else to it! Hope it all goes well :)

Sylvain said...

Heaps of positive vides coming from NZ!!!

Sally Goble said...

Hey Mark

I was dead nervous before Zurich - although that was only a relay... the thing that I always remember is this: if it is something that you KNOW you can do, then you wouldn't be nervous and you would not be so amazingly satisfied when it's over. So ... knowing that it is a challenge, and that it will be tough, and that you are nervous are all GOOD things. They are the reasons we do these things! If it were just swimming 32 lengths of the pool you wouldn't be doing it.

So good luck - enjoy - embrace the nerves - remember that it's BECAUSE it's hard that you want to do it not IN SPITE of it being hard.

Will be thinking of you and tracking you!


Sal x

Swimsparkle said...

All positive thoughts going your way from Australia. Don't forget to tumble turn into the homeward leg!