Thursday, 8 September 2011

And Then What...?

So...I staggered up the slipway at Ferry Nab, 21 miles, 13 hours and 50 minutes after the early morning start..

As I neared the end, drifting in and out of mental sanity I fully expected to burst into tears in shear relief that it was all over. The tears never came, I was spent like I had never been spent before, I looked completely spaced out. A great deal of what happened next is vague to say the least. I remember sitting in the boat with KGB dressing me. I was huddled up in my tracksuit, wearing Sarahs pink hat! and also her socks...The next thing I recall is struggling to walk along the jetty onto dry land at Shepherds, my legs had all but seized up, eventually I was man handled into Pash's car and then what felt like a warp factor drive back to the hotel.

KGB escorted me down the stairs of The Lake House (I would have fallen without assistance) and then I was in the tub, Kelly was telling me the water was too hot but I refused to listen, it felt fantastic. Pash briefly came into the bathroom to say something, I have no idea what as I was almost asleep. As usual KGB was right, I was getting light headed and needed to get out quick. Crawling on hands and knees into bed, that was me finished.

The telephone rang at some was Sarah saying she and Andy's crew were off to eat, I was a little upset that I was in no state to go drink Champagne and no time at all I was flat out.

The next morning I woke feeling like I had been out on  a monster drinking session, a headache like no other and a belly to match. Around midday we drove home, I was still really sleepy to the extent that I needed to stop for a power nap after only half and hour. Once home I managed to eat after which my recovery soon began to accelerate.

I want to say thankyou to my fantastic crew, KGB, what can I say, I understand you took the brunt of my grumpiness towards the end, though in my delirious state I cannot recall what was said, sorry. I appreciatte it was a struggle to fit the swim into your own plans, but you did not hesitate to support me yet again x
Pash,  I had 100% confidence in your ability to Pilot the boat for many many hours, I know it demands a massive amount of concentration and that you had your work cut out all day, not only with your vital role but also listening to the girl gossip all day long. I owe you in a big way.

Sarah Sarah smiley Sarah, as usual you were great to be around, you listened to my every request and had no hesitation getting into the water when I was in bits during the latter stages. You were awesome.

Thomas, Claire, Andrew and Ben, thank you so much for all your help and support in and around the delightful Langdale Chase, (Can you believe that Thomas even arranged for a hot food delivery to the crew mid lake..what a great bloke) we are looking forward to your return from holiday so we can crack open that fizzy!!

Ben with a delivery from 'The Chase'

Joe Hunter my steadfast crazy training partner, thank you for your dedication to the cause, you are next up on the stage..Good Luck.

To all the facebook, twitter and Channel google group members who emailed, called and sent texts your words kept me in the water, it made a huge difference to know you were all watching.

Last but not least..Thankyou to my little man ' Coach Charlie' just for being you.

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JohnP said...

Hell yeh - nice job!