Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pete Windridge-France

I have even more fantastic news regarding my mate Pete, some will remember form a previous post that we trained together at Ellerton Lake and Dover Harbour for the Champion of Champions event this year. 

Well, yesterday 24 September 2011, virtually 24 hours after Joe Hunters success Pete made his own attempt to swim The English Channel..I am delighted once more to report Pete landed in France after 17 hours and 55 minutes having been escorted by Lance Oram and the boat Sea Satin since before day break into the night.

Many many congratulations and your family should be very very proud
In the presence of heroes, Pete, Me and Joe earlier this year in Dover
So in exactly one month all our targets have been met, My 2 Way Windermere 25 August, Joe EC 23 September and now Pete EC 24 September

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Nuala said...

These are all great swims , well done guys you all must be so happy

So what's next ?