Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 Stats

As 2011 draws to a close I thought it would be interesting to have a closer look at my training records, whilst I agree that statistics can be manipulated to show a chosen outcome, this post is merely a reflection on the years distances and times..

At a glance it appears that in 2011 I swam a total of 600km, this is broken down to Pool swims amounting to 272km and Open water swims of 328km. The Open Water swims account for 107 hours of training, I could further break the figures down to fresh and salt water swims but have not bothered to do so as yet.

Considering I was injured for about ten weeks (rib separation January, Tenosynovitis May, Road traffic accident July) and took a break for more or less the whole of September I am very pleased with the stats.

It has been a successful year in swimming terms. I have completed all but one session, met the major targets of The 24 Hour swim, Ullswater, Windermere 1 way then The Windermere 2 way in August. The achievements this year have left me with greater confidence to tackle the the challenges that lay ahead.

Whilst my own goals have brought me great satisfaction, I am also delighted to have formed some new friendships not least with Joe Hunter who has proved himself a model student in the build up to his success in The English Channel. Amanda and Jo have also become regular training partners and always provide a laugh.

Thomas, Dee, Sarah T, Pash, Chris, Dave Neal, Andy Williams and many others have continued to inspire me throughout the year. I have been extremely lucky with the help and support from the likes of The BLDSA and my crews (Col, Jo, Dave, Mike) on various swims...there is sure to be some I have forgotten but you know who you are.

I cannot finish without thanking KGB for her continued patience and support and of course Charlie who comes before everything and everyone.

Happy 2012 one and all....the journey continues


Jo said...

You've achieved so much this year Mark and it has been a pleasure to share some off you goals with you. Thank you for your motivation and encouragement. All the best for 2012 its going to be a very exciting year with more goals achieved x

Char said...

Well Done Dad I Hope You Had A Great Time Doing All Of Your Swims And Have A Great 2012.

Amanda said...

Lovely blogg Mark, particularly the last part. It has been a great year and brilliant to see you achieve some of your goals. Really looking forward to seeing you reach the ultimate goal soon. I certainly wouldn't have set my goals without your encouragement and help. Thank you. Here's to an 'event full' 2012

Kathryn said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your swims and training, you've been inspirational.
I loved the last line it make me smile.
Best wishes for an even more fulfilling new year.

greekswimmer said...

Great read and looking forward to the 2012 posts. Your cold water acclimatisation has built up so much over this year it seems with some really good swims like Windermere.Good luck with the big challenges of 2012

Flip said...

well done on a grand year mark. :-)