Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Back to it......

Last week proved to be rather testing due to over indulgence on the alcohol front, first of all on Friday KGB and I had our annual Christmas visit to York, where she forced me to drink copious amounts of Guinness, then.. despite my delicate state of well being I was dragged to Amanda's on Saturday where I was once again subject to yet more alcohol in the form of bottled lager and red wine..To say I was rough when we left in Simon's taxi at 3 am is an understatement. It didn't help with Amanda jumping on the spot chanting 'Amanda Bell 1 Robson 0 !! (I jest you not, she was actually doing this, it is one of the few things I remember) All of this binge drinking made me feel guilty as well as ill.

So today I went back to the pool with a vengeance, the plan was to do a set I last swam on April Fools day...just over three hours later I had completed the dreaded 100 x 100 (10km) I was suffering around the 75 point and undergoing a bit of a mental blip. Another 25 repetitions later and I was all done. I drank two 75cl bottles of juice (no carbs) a few jelly babies and courtesy of Lisa Cummins' great idea...a packet of sugar loaded skittles.
Very happy to have completed this 'monster set' and dont feel quite as guilty now after the blow out.

All that Guinness and The Buoy at Seaton talk did however encourage me to post my favourite advert. Enjoy


Pete said...

Well done Mark, real mind over matter that set!
Pete May

Pete said...

Well done Mark, that's a great mind bender set, Pete