Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Building up

Had a great week of interval sessions last week which is just as well now that half term is with us, the forced rest has coincided with a slight injury/strain to my right side in the rib/lat/back area. Nothing too serious, though I cannot pin it down to a particular incident.

Other news...I bumped into the awesome Dr Ishtiaq Rehman in the gym the other day and had a great chat about nutrition, stretching, and general sports training/ was great to know I have his full support.

He recommended the book below, which at first glance is very impressive

Fingers crossed I will be back to normal this weekend just as Charlie prepares to return to school

Last week 31km consisting of the following:
6 Feb 10,000m (500s)
8 Feb 5250m
9 Feb 8000m
10 Feb 3750m
11 Feb 4400m

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