Sunday, 5 February 2012


January was a bit of a non starter for a number of reasons. I did actually make a great start, only to succumb to the dreaded 'manflu'. This together with a two week work related course demanding greater than usual travelling time, and then a weeks holiday in Egypt with KGB.

We both expected me to swim everyday either in the unheated pool or the Red Sea, however my chest and associated 'manflu' put a stop to that. I did get into the jellyfish soup aka The Red Sea, though I did not swim, not even once..

After a great week we returned home, thankfully I was well enough to return to the pool and kick start the training plan. However after an 11 shift I commented to KGB via text message that I wasn't sure if I could be bothered to swim and received this brilliant reply which will stay with me throughout the season: "YOU HAVE A BIG CHALLENGE AHEAD, THE DAYS YOU WANT TO SWIM AND CAN'T SHOULD BE RECTIFIED BY THE DAYS YOU DON'T WANT TO BUT CAN" Suffice to say I went to the pool!

A few people have asked what sets I have been doing so I will include some details at the end of the post. Whilst I am no where near the level of the Sandycove Swimmers ie Lisa, Ned, Donal etc I am still pleased with how things are going.

Obviously I am  training between shifts (which is also about to change but more on that later) and am increasing on more or less a 10% per week basis. In addition I have taken the advice of Dee Llewellyn and have commenced some strengthening exercises for my neck back and shoulders. My diet is also having a revamp, I am off the beer! and trying to remember to consume protein after each swim, both of which are having a positive effect. (Or is it all in the mind)

Without further ado, the last few pool swims have been:
27 Jan 10,000m. 29 Jan 5650m. 1 Feb 5250m. 2 Feb (1) 4000m. 2 Feb (2) 4200m. 3 Feb 7400m.

Should have time for a ten km swim tomorrow before work.....roll on the open water season


Karen Throsby said...

I am a big fan of post-training protein shakes for recovery - if I don't, my arms twitch constantly while I'm asleep. Weird, but true.

Sylvain said...

Couldn't agree more with KGB's text! Sending you super positive vibes from Sverige, no more accidents, injuries or flu for you!