Saturday, 7 April 2012

Busy Busy

Its been a little while since I blogged and updated my training for a number of reasons, one of which was advice from an unnamed party who told me "more training less typing"
March was a busy month on the social front with the CS&PF Annual Dinner in Dover closely followed the next weekend by the BLDSA dinner at Langdale Chase. These two events were my last two evenings of drinking alcohol. I am really feeling the benefit of staying off the booze and am even more pleased to say it was easy to do so.

Training wise March was more of the boring pool sessions, the highlights being a 14km set on March 6th alone at Total Fitness and a much tougher 10km session at Leeds 50m pool together with Robin (EC aspirant 2012) and Joe Hunter (EC 2011).

This week saw my return proper to the open water, I had not swam outside (other than a ten minute dip after the CS&PF dinner) since December 28th. Looking back on my 2011 records, it was actually the same date I started last year which is a great omen.

So this week has been:
Monday April 2 North Sea 27 mins at 48f
Tuesday April 3 North Sea 35 mins at 47F
Wednesday April 4 River Tees 25 mins at 44f
Friday April 5 Ellerton Lake 60mins at 50f

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Sylvain said...

Impressed! Especially by the 25' @ 44°F (under 7°C isnt'it?)!