Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rant over

After my last rant regarding the temperature the whole of the UK underwent what can only be described as a heatwave, however this unfortunately coincided with the onset of a chest infection which developed around 20 May...I thought it was just a head cold though yesterday my GP confirmed the bad news and prescribed a course of antibiotics...This has left me flapping somewhat being that the tide for this years big swim is now less than 90 days away..still...better to be ill now than in August (I think)

Other news.... I have decided to dedicate the swim to my late mum who we lost in 2008 after being ravaged by Dementia with Lewy Bodies, as a result of which I have added a justgiving widget on the left, if you click the link you can see the full details, and, if you feel that way inclined can even donate by text/sms. No pressure as I know we are all feeling the pinch of the credit crunch.

Hoping to be fit for the long bank holiday weekend as I am desperate to get up to three hours

Monday, 7 May 2012

Global Warming NOT

I have retained by training records going back to 2007, they include such things as time in water, conditions, how I felt, who I was with and WATER TEMPERATURE.

It is a fact that this year we are way behind for this time ...as an example, this weekend 2011 after a long cold winter the water at the Lake was 58f...this weekend it was 50f. The North Sea today 2011 was 51f today it was 48f.

I am getting sick and tired off waiting for the weather to improve and the water temperature to increase to allow  mortals like me more time in the water...and to top it all I am told that this is forecast to be the coldest May in 100 years..

I just don't get it