Friday, 6 July 2012

Evolution not Revolution

For one reason and another I have been rather slack with the site of late, partly because there was little or nothing to say. However now that the English Channel season has started I am finding myself on the laptop (rather than the iphone) more and more frequently checking trackers and general swim updates. I therefore thought I would give a bit of an update.

The weekend in Ireland came and went and more less left me feeling a bit down, the water temperatures were not quite what I had hoped for and there was no way I was going to be able to have a long swim in 11-12 degree water. My longest swim over there was 2 hours and 15 minutes on the TBBC day (total brain and body confusion) when we generally got messed around with directions, feeds and criticism. (all part of the game)

Returning home, training has continued in the step by step fashion I have become accustomed to and can cope with. I know from past errors and experience that I need to build up slowly towards the longer swims letting my body evolve in the process. It is crazy for me to try and match the almost elite swimmers around the world who are hitting some unbelievable distances and times in very cold water. An example of which is the incredible Lisa Cummins who recently swam ten hours around Sandycove in that same 11-12 degree water!!

The last ten days have been great training at home, together with Rob, I have moved incrementally up the timescale from 4 to 5 to 6 hours..its good to get some miles in the shoulders in readiness for our Dover Trip where we hope to complete two swims of 7 and 6 hours. That will be our next big test as our tides rapidly approach.

I will keep the site more up to date as we are now inside the last 50 days


Pete Windridge-France said...

Big Pete from Leeds here - routing for you in your big swim this year!!
Sounds like you're getting some good times under your belt already - just make sure Ish looks after your shoulders!
All the best mate, and I can't wait to watch your swim on ais satellite until the moment when your fingers feel the sand at the foot of Cap Griz Nez!
Take care mate!

Verity said...

Good to see you this eve-will be watching the tracker for when you swim-best of luck, you certainly have put the miles in and it's been good to read your blog to show how you have overcome many mental hurdles :)