Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Roller Coaster

Little update....

As a result of a great forecast / prediction on Friday 17th August, I discussed the possibilities of swimming slightly early possibly on Tuesday being that the weather was looking so good.

After a chat with Neil we decided to head to Dover on Sunday afternoon.

I collected Amanda Bell and Dee Llewellyn and together we travelled south arriving in Dover at Kevin and Jane Murphy's flat around 6pm. The plan was to spend the next 24-36 hours resting before taking the opportunity to swim. As luck or bad luck would have have it, the wind speed and general conditions declined resulting in what Neil described as marginal conditions. I trust him and was more than happy to accept this decision. The last thing I wanted was to start my attempt under the wrong circumstances.

That brings us to the present situation. Dee has been keeping a close eye on the usual websites of windguru and xc weather etc for the sign of  a good window (with our limited knowledge) and I have been in daily contact with the only person who really knows that being Neil.

As it stands now..Wednesday was out of the question but Thursday night / Friday look more favourable...though as you all know the British weather can be very fickle..

This morning we drove around to Samphire Hoe one of the likely start locations, where the enormity of the task ahead hit me like a train...I was filled with doubt, nerves and fears. I am assured this is completely normal at this stage. I have had some very touching emails and messages of support some of which have brought me close to tears...those people know who they, I am very very grateful for your kinds words.

We will speak again this evening and hopefully have some good news.

If and when the swim goes ahead the spot tracker loaned to me by Kate and Steve Robarts will be available in real time here  

As promised there will be more frequent updates on twitter at @mncrobswim

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

prior planning and preparation

With little over one week until the beginning of my tide, I am starting to become somewhat anxious.
My crew is in place and most details are in the process of being finely tuned. I will hopefully arrive in Dover and have 24-48hours rest and mental preparation prior to the call from the pilot.

On the big day I will be accompanied by Neil Streeter (Skipper/Pilot of 'Suva') his crew mate, the official CS&PF observer (unknown as yet) and my own hand picked crew of Dee L, Sarah T, Amanda B and Joe Hunter.

All crew members will have a specific task on the day one of which will be updating my twitter @mncrobswim however you will obviously have to be a follower. You can also follow progress using the AiS tracker system using this link.

More news once we are settled in Dover...keep your fingers crossed please!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

4 years ago today.....

No need to say anything really
Just didn't want this anniversary to pass unnoticed
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