Wednesday, 15 August 2012

prior planning and preparation

With little over one week until the beginning of my tide, I am starting to become somewhat anxious.
My crew is in place and most details are in the process of being finely tuned. I will hopefully arrive in Dover and have 24-48hours rest and mental preparation prior to the call from the pilot.

On the big day I will be accompanied by Neil Streeter (Skipper/Pilot of 'Suva') his crew mate, the official CS&PF observer (unknown as yet) and my own hand picked crew of Dee L, Sarah T, Amanda B and Joe Hunter.

All crew members will have a specific task on the day one of which will be updating my twitter @mncrobswim however you will obviously have to be a follower. You can also follow progress using the AiS tracker system using this link.

More news once we are settled in Dover...keep your fingers crossed please!

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Gordon Gridley said...

Good Luck Mark! Crossing my fingers for a calm wonderful day for you.