Sunday, 3 November 2013

Just me again ;-)

First real post for over a year…  not exactly sure where to begin.  I remain a Channel ‘Wannabee’ or Aspirant to use correct terminology and YES the goal is alive and kicking. Last summer was a depressing if educating time, which resulted in a break from swimming and most of the associated financial implications.
October I finally re-joined the gym and begin to make efforts into regaining some technique and fitness.  My restart was a bit of a shock /eye opener, I was surprised just how difficult it was to complete just a couple of laps, form is slowly returning albeit the timings are way off, as would be expected after such a lengthy break.
The one positive to come from such a lay off is habit breaking.  I believe I have been able to develop some ‘new pathways’ for bi lateral breathing, previously this always felt alien, however the preliminary feeling is one of normality, almost all of my swimming is now relaxed breathing to both sides. This will hopefully prevent some neck issues when the longer swims inevitably arrive providing I can remain symmetrical in technique.

Sessions remain short (approx. 60 minutes) for now, but I am getting there slowly.

I cannot finish this first post back without saying congratulations to Thomas Noblett who is at long last a Channel Swimmer and to wish Amanda Bell good luck not only with her new job at Charlies school but also for her 2014 EC Solo.


Amanda B said...

Yayyyy....welcome back and it's great to see you back at it! I will do my best with both job & EC :)

Karen Throsby said...

Hey Mark
Great to see you back at it.