Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Are you a Giver or a Taker ?

That's the swim season pretty much over, except for a trip to Buttermere later this year to swim once more where it all began. (Amanda you are coming too!)

At times it feels like we have virtually never been away from The Lake District. At the outset I should take this opportunity to thank Charlie who has never complained, not even once when asked if he was happy to help others achieve their dreams or support other peoples business interests. Despite having had my fingers burnt, on the most part it has been entirely satisfying, fulfilling even emotional at times.

Windermere with Charlie to pilot for one of Amanda's 6 hour swims (kick start her EC Solo prep.)
Coniston with Charlie for my BLDSA 5 miler
Ullswater with Charlie to paddle a 7 mile BLDSA event (for Phil Yorke)
Derwentwater with Charlie to paddle a 5 mile BLDSA event (for Phil Yorke)
Windermere with Charlie to Pilot for Kathryn's One Way
Windermere with Charlie for my latest One Way
Windermere with Jason to Pilot for Gavin's One Way

I am a firm believer regarding the importance of giving back to the sport whenever we can. Swims at all ends of the spectrum are officially recorded as 'Solo' however they are without doubt always a team effort. Not just the main events but our build up and training, which can sometimes be years in the making.

We should never lose sight of, nor neglect to be grateful for the unsung volunteers who give their time to support, be it in, on or around the water. Financially assisting us to achieve our dreams or remaining at home taking care of loved ones.

Personally speaking I get a real buzz witnessing like minded people achieve what they once considered the impossible.

So if you can, give a little back. It feels good.... I promise. and above all......

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Amanda said...

Lovely to read this post. The sentiment behind it ever so true. The support that you & Charlie showed me will never be forgotten. Without the help and support of you two & others my dream wouldn't have come true. It's never a solo. You have given your time to many and it is obvious the buzz you get from that. When I think back to that 6hr Windermere swim I know that it was you that got me through the blip. I would have certainly got out after 3 without your words. That was a lesson learnt too…you can swim through those times! Through the last year I have been more of a grateful taker and now hope to be more giver! As you said, it's good to give back to the sport