Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Gavin Wild 1 Way Windermere

On Tuesday 16 September 2014 I was delighted to support Gav Wild during his 'Swim Long, Climb High, Ride Far Challenge. I piloted the swim returning the favour together with Jason (Gavins principal sponsor and all round great bloke) We headed down to Fell Foot at first light and began the swim at 0739am.  The start was ok weather wise however visibility soon dropped to around 20m, so poor that I had to resort to compass bearings for navigation purposes, by 95 minutes or so the sun began to shine and we blessed with perfect conditions thereafter.

A mammoth effort from Gav who suffered from mile 6 onwards. Jason was ace with his motivational techniques and feeding. We were both over joyed and rather emotional to share in the relief on completion of part 1 of the big Charity challenge for Birmingham Childrens Hospital.


Jason said...

Delighted to assist with the first part of this awesome event!

Gavin showed great determination and got the job done.

Mark, great job Piloting and teaching me about feeding the swimmer etc.

Dave Clark said...

Truly a magnificent effort.
Hard as nails!!!!
Well done Gavin

Gav Wild said...

Without Mark and Jason as my boat crew, the swim section of this challenge could not have been possible. Like Mark says on his blog "Swims at all ends of the spectrum are officially recorded as 'Solo' however they are without doubt always a team effort." This is so true.
Mark has helped me massively with all my pestering about cold water acclimatization, feeding, training and everything else regards open water swimming in the build up to this swim. Mark and Jason have went out of their way to help me achieve my goal and in doing so, have played a big part in raising much needed money for Birmingham Childrens Hospital where our little boy Lucas has and will continue to have treatment.
There are some kind, generous and all round good blokes in this world and Mark and Jason are two of them.

Thank you very much our friends!

Gav, Emma & the true "Hard as Nails" hero in all this. Our beautiful son Lucas.