Saturday, 7 February 2015

2015 ..and there off

Having thoroughly celebrated Christmas which  involved me surrendering to the girl previously known to you as KGB, it was into the New Year with a few plans floating around my head. Out of the water I re-joined the BLDSA with a view to completing a few of their events, both as swimmer and some as Kayak support for Nuala MC at the Derwentwater Event in June (you have a to give a little back remember).

In the water it was a return to the grotty pool at Total Fitness where I have been concentrating on some technique issues in particular hand entry (I was being called a slapper apparently) and also rotation.

I had missed the opportunity for the standard 100 x 100 over the holiday period therefore I addressed that on Sunday 18th January with no after effects to speak of which was pleasing. At 3-4 sessions a week I have been swimming a little less than a few years ago, however the quality is greater. I no longer get hung up or stressed about not swimming what was 7-10 times a week.

That said, distances of sessions will need to increase as the first event of the season approaches. That being the 24 hour swim at Guildford. You may recall an old post related to this brutal event in 2011, here's the link for your convenience 2S4L2011

Will be back writing more soon, in the mean time, here is a little something I enjoyed today..

"When You Say You're a Swimmer" from Chris Shimojima on Vimeo.

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