Saturday, 7 February 2015

A message from Kevin Murphy (CS&PF) re 2015 EC

Hi All

This is a message to all solo swimmers and relay teams intending to register with the CS&PF for their English Channel swims this year.

You should all, by now, have received your application and medical forms. If you haven't please notify immediately.

After an initial burst of enthusiasm by a few swimmers and one relay team submitting their forms during January, the flow has dried up. There hasn't been a single application returned to the CS&PF office for some days now.

The deadline is 30 April and there is always a last minute panic by swimmers and teams trying to get their forms in. If nearly 200 solo and team applications  are delivered by email attachment or post to the CS&PF office during the couple of days immediately preceding30 April there will inevitably be some delay in processing and acknowledging them all.

Please do it now - by post or by email attachment to 

I look forward to your success in the Channel.

Also - I am aware that some members have indicated a wish to stand for election to the CS&PF committee but I have not received their nomination forms. The deadline for those forms to be received is this coming Friday. The forms can be found


Kevin Murphy
(CS&PF Sec.)

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