Saturday, 14 February 2015

Plans are taking shape

I suspect it's going to be a challenging season in the water, as per the side bar the scheduled events are all pretty much pencilled it. Having already committed to 2S4L which is as brutal as it gets. Today I entered another gruelling swim. The BLDSA Champion of Champions, here's some details
The Event
The senior Champion of Champions events will consist of three swims - over 10 laps, 6 laps and 2 laps of a designated course in Dover Harbour. Each lap will be 1/2 mile - the course being set using GPS.

To complete the full Champion of Champions event, competitors must complete all three swims and the Championship will be decided on the basis of the lowest aggregate times

Outside the Champion of Champions event, swimmers will be able to enter one or two races separately but such events will not be eligible for the full Champion of Champions competition. Entry to only 2 races will be the 3 mile and 1 mile events and entry into only 1 race will be the 1 mile event.

In order for competitors to complete the full Champion of Champions event, they must complete each individual event before the designated time for the start of the next element.

Start times 
5 mile swim - 9:15am
3 mile swim - 1:30pm
1 mile swim - 4:30pm 

So, similar to the 24 hour 24 mile swim, the quicker you are, the more rest you have. I will be lucky to have defrosted by the time I have to restart ! 

The last time I attended this event (as a swimmer not spectator) was entertaining to say the least, the write up is here for your convenience. C of C link here. 

Oh and I also entered the BLDSA Wykeham Lakes event a mere 5km, if memory serves this will be the fourth time for this one, and the closest event to home. 

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