Sunday, 17 May 2015

Tests With Toys (FUJI XP71)

Followers on social media will be aware (and bored with seeing images) of our recent holiday to Riviera Maya, Mexico. Whilst the break had nothing to do with swimming it was ideal thinking time and also offered the opportunity for me to purchase and buy a new gadget. Whilst awaiting departure at the local airport I bought a small waterproof camera; The Fuji FinePix XP71.

Priced around £90 with the additional requirement of an SD card, it easily fits into a pocket (or your swimwear), has wireless transfer for photos and videos to your device, has a rechargeable battery similar to a mobile telephone via mains supply or USB, the zoom is adequate. I had a little play around in the pool and the beautiful Caribbean. I am very pleased with the camera and will hopefully get lots of use this summer as the swim season progresses. Here's  a few shots with the new toy.

and a short video clip, its not exactly Dover harbour but you get the idea.


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IronMike said...

Great review, thanks. I need one of those.