Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Ady Brown 1 Way Windermere

I first met Adrian at the BLDSA Champion of Champions Event in June this year. We had previously communicated on social media, where it became apparent we have similar occupations. Having ascertained his ambitions to swim the English Channel, I suggested he complete a Windermere swim as a learning experience, especially for the benefits of deep water feeding and dealing with water disturbed by passing vessels.

To that end, today 2 Sept 2015, for the third time in third time in 5 days I departed home at 4am (with Charlie)  to escort Ady on his 10.5 mile swim..the data below provides the basic details..videos of this Gent of a man to follow within 24 hours.

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M said...

Hi Mark

I’m home tired and have had a chance to reflect on a fantastic day.

From the outset you gave me all the information I needed. I also felt if I needed more I could ask.

On the morning I was greeted with a smile and open friendly approach, immediately put at ease. Windermere was by far my greatest challenge so far and I was nervous. The briefing was clear, knowing you had swum it so many times including a double gave confidence. All I needed was my goggles, trunks and feed. You provided everything else. Having the maxim to fall back on was also a godsend.

I was the left to swim my swim. If I needed anything I knew to ask. When I needed to be refocussed you put me right and when I needed to buck my ideas up you kicked me.

In truth, if I wanted to criticise I would have nothing to complain about. A thoroughly good day I learnt a lot about myself and my approach to swimming, including how much more work I have to do. You and Charlie gave me the space and time to find that out.

The video footage was not expected and a real bonus

I fancy another go in June next year if you can assist. The water will be colder and excellent preparation for a July crossing.

Thanks again