Thursday, 14 January 2016

Whats Happening ?

I will tell you exactly whats happening...well, the plan at least

I have been looking at a few events for 2016

as it stands this is the list of targets

26/27 March ..Camp Eton 
4 June.. BLDSA Wykeham 5km night swim
5 June.. BLDSA Wykeham 5km + 1km

18 June.. BLDSA Champion of Champions 5 miles + 3 miles + 1 mile

10 July..Windermere 10.5 miles

17 July..Dover Harbour 6 hour date TBC

 2-6 Aug.. Jersey to France

That my friends is the plan for this year, in pool, fresh and salt water.

I will also escort a few friends on both one and two way Windermere swims 

stay tuned ...