Monday, 6 June 2016


Since the last update mid May, my training has been building very nicely. 

As a result of now having three regular training partners in Amanda, Ben and Bill, I almost always have company and the additional motivation to get into open water, I opt not to say cold water as the temperatures have been steadily increasing.

I have continued to predominantly use the River (Tees) until such times as the North Sea holds in double figures i.e. over 10º c.

Despite what may look like haphazard sessions I do actually have a training plan, albeit not written down in a formal manner. The idea is to more or less build to a weekly figure covering the total distance of J2F (Approx. 25+km) once achieved I intend to alternate between this and recovery weeks. 

A recovery week will still entail swimming though the total average will reduce to anywhere between 60-80% of a 'big week'. Having received some great advice from my sports injury expert 'Dr Ish' I intend to make a conscious effort with my nutrition, stretching and resistance band type work as part of the recovery strategy. 

This last week was very pleasing in terms of figures and remaining injury free, the final swims of the week taking place at the BLDSA Wykeham near Scarborough. The main event here is only 5km being one of the first on the calendar. However I decided to compete another circuit in order to make the swim 2 hours.

Here are the stats for last week (all figures are from The Suunto Ambit3)

Monday 120 minutes @59º 6000m Ellerton Lake
Tuesday 107 minutes @57º 5500m Tees
Thursday 80 minutes @58º 4000m Tees
Friday 63 minutes @58º 3350m Tees
Sunday 125 minutes @59º 6400m BLDSA Wykeham
Sunday 19 minutes @60º 1050m BLDSA Wykeham

Total 8 and half hours just over 26km

Wykeham track

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