Saturday, 25 June 2016

So Far So Good

My training records show the week following the Champion of Champions event is normally somewhat easy in terms of distance and effort. In fact last year I took ten days away from the water, granted, I did not have a major swim planned for 2015, perhaps the CofC was itself one the main targets of the season.

This years goal is somewhat different, with J2F looming in a mere month, time is of the essence.

Suffice to say we (Billy the fish, Ben and I) were back in the water on Monday just 24 hours after returning from Dover. Monday was a fairly easy 80 minutes stretching out and freeing up the shoulders, I made a conscious effort not to sight ahead in an attempt to protect the neck.

On Wednesday I took some time off work and swam for most of the afternoon, the first 3 hours alone then a couple more hours with Bill, a good session of 5 hours 15 minutes, which included 3 feed stops.

Thursday was a rest day, though I managed to find time to visit Simon at BodyBalance for a deep tissue massage and some mind training.

The following day was scheduled to be spent on Lake Windermere piloting Karen Throsby on her 2 Way swim, however, this was cancelled due to injury concerns. 

I therefore retuned to the River Tees for what was intended to be a 10km swim. All seemed well for the best part of 6000m after which I was physically drained. The easy option would have been to exit the water, however to work through 'the pain' was excellent mental preparation, the discomfort did in fact pass eventually to the extent that the 9th kilometre was the quickest of the day.

Overall a very good week with just under 10 hour swimming outside, covering approx. 28,000m.

So far so good. 

A few days recovery now plus a reconnaissance visit to Jersey to meet Matthew Clarke from Lionheart Pilotage. 

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