Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Jevon O'Neill 1 Way Windermere

I've been in touch with Jevon O'Neill since 2007, the year we both completed Ironman Austria, it emerged through conversation we both completed the swim section (2.4 miles) in about the same time (61 minutes).

Over the coming years I concentrated more on open water swimming whist Jevon continued Ironman and various other endurance events. That said, we have been in touch over the years one way or another. I was very pleased to be approached by him this year to escort him on a 1WW which would be his longest open water swim following Channel Swimming Rules.

The date was agreed as Monday 21st August 2017, shortly after my retirement (WHOOP WHOOP) and our family trip to Cyprus. The usual administration and logistics were in place regarding the hire of an electric boat etc. I was accompanied by Jevs lovely daughter Erin, who would be chief feeder whilst I would take care of navigation and general advice.

Peter Wade a good friend and training partner of Jevon would also make an attempt at 1WW, on the same day with the same time, however he would be escorted by the now well practised and proficient Charlie.

Peters swim will be covered on a separate post.

Here are some stats and video of Jevs effort suffice to say a great swim with zero complaints, the water average temperature was 63F.

congratulations Jevon absolutely delighted for you and your family. 

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Jevon said...

A huge thanks to you and Charlie. It was brilliant to have such experienced and dedicated crew with us. Looking forward to the next challenge!