Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Peter Wade 1 Way Windermere

On Monday 21 August 2017, whilst I was escorting Jevon O'Neill on his awesome one way Windermere swim. Charlie was doing the very same with Jev's training partner Peter Wade. 

The start time was the same, beginning the event at Fell Foot around 0805 hours, the escort boats were separated from the 'go' therefore all navigation was in Charlie's capable hands. 

Peter was rather anxious before the swim regarding the water temperature, should he wear a wetsuit? could he change into a wetsuit if he became cold? would he last the distance? could he maintain a reasonable pace? etc he need not have worried. 

Here are some stats and pics from the day

Peter contemplates the start of the swim and water temp..... 
'Do I need a wetsuit?

Congratulations Peter on a huge effort of a swim, and to Charlie for his first Solo navigation, thanks to Peters crew for accompanying Charlie and taking care of all matters relating to feeding.
Great day

Alice (Jevons daughter) and Charlie after the swim

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