Escorted Swims

Escorted Swims

The following lists detail the vast majority of the people we have piloted or kayaked for in the last couple of years, usually with a hired electric boat (cost around £150 for the day from Shepherds at Bowness) if you would like some altruistic help or advice just shout!!


Sarah Tunnicliffe:1 Way Windermere 
19th July 2012 
6 hours 58 minutes
(now a successful EC swimmer)

Dave Neal: 1 Way Windermere  
17th August 2012 
6 hours 39 minutes

Mark Pashby: Half Windermere

Darren Thompson: Half Windermere

Amanda Bell: 1 Way Windermere  
8th Sept 2012 
6 hours15 minutes 
(now a successful EC swimmer)


Gavin Wild: 1 Way Windermere 
16th Sept 2014 
6 hours 43 minutes

Kathryne Ayre:1 Way Windermere
25th July 2014 
8 hours 2 minutes

Phil Yorke: 1 Way Ullswater
9th August 2014 (Kayak) 
4 hours 36 minutes (now a successful EC swimmer)

Phil Yorke: Triangular BLDSA Derwent Water
10th August 2014 (Kayak) 
3 hours 27 minutes

Amanda Bell: Windermere 6 hours
1st June 2014 
EC qualification swim (now a successful EC swimmer)


Ian Adshead: 1 Way Windermere 
29th August 2015 
5 hours 19 minutes

Zoe Sadler: 1 Way Windermere 
31st August 2015 
7 hours 12 minutes 
(already an EC and RJ swimmer)

Ady Brown: 1 Way Windermere 
2nd September 2015 
8 hours 1 minute 
(EC Aspirant 2016)

Amanda Bell: 10km Windermere (cooler water at 12 degrees)
24th October 2015
4 hours 32 minutes
(already an EC swimmer)


Zoe Sadler 1WW: TBC (already an EC swimmer)

Adrian Rotchell: 1Way Windermere
29th May 2016 new record for earliest swim
6 hours 2 minutes (already an EC swimmer)

Ady Brown 1WW: September 2016

Phil Cooper 1WW: TBC

Howard James 1WW: TBC

Dr Karen Throsby 2WW + 1WW 24/25 June 2016 (already EC J2F swimmer) CANCELLED DUE TO INJURY

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